I feel {sic}

Thanks for joining me this week as I guest edited Valleywag. Mssr. Douglas will be returning to Valleywag on Monday for more typo-free, grammatically-correct, carefully-proofread rumors and scoops. I had a lot of fun writing it, and had even more fun going back changing its to it's. » 10/27/06 9:47pm 10/27/06 9:47pm

ConFonz At Oracle OpenWorld

You're all expecting some sort of expletive-encrusted fecal-festival gracing gooey herein html. Bully bullocks are always zipping zazzily towards you fucking alphabetical heads. » 10/27/06 7:28pm 10/27/06 7:28pm

Disclosure Scrubbed at TechCrunch

Michael Arrington didn't learn much at Wednesday's Blogging Ethics talk. Valleywag reader, Jayson Lim, pointed out that Michael reported on Maya's Mom receiving funding today and referenced an earlier writeup on TechCrunch in April. Except that's not the original article, it's been edited to remove bias disclosure… » 10/27/06 7:13pm 10/27/06 7:13pm

20-Year-Old Cancels MySpace Account, Site Folds

The Wall Street Journal's free online article today features a FUD piece on the decline of MySpace. For the record WSJ's freebies, in the hopes of generating paid subscribers through high blog linkage, tend to have a geek slant to them and for a Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (FUD) article that goes double. » 10/27/06 6:19pm 10/27/06 6:19pm


Vote with Your Pocket Book

PC World runs with a story on fixavote.com, a (hopefully) satire site which claims to offer services such as "real-time voter correction," and "enhanced retrospective tallying." » 10/27/06 4:57pm 10/27/06 4:57pm

Embittered MySpace Founder Invests in Flurl

MySpace founder, Brad Greenspan, has acquired a majority stake in Flurl, an online video search engine. This is the first acquisition by LiveUniverse, which Greenspan founded to focus on video, entertainment and social networking. » 10/27/06 3:55pm 10/27/06 3:55pm

Underage Admins Paying Allowance to Teosto till 25

Torretfreak reports, four underage admins of Finnish BitTorrent Track 'Finreactor' have plead guilty and agreed to pay fines of US$60,000 each. The Finnish equivalent of the RIAA, Teosto with the help of Finland's National Bureau of Investigation, shut down Finreactor in 2004, which at the time was the largest Finnish… » 10/27/06 3:29pm 10/27/06 3:29pm

Wendy's Clogs Arteries, youTube

MediaPost.com reports Wendy's, the national hamburger chain, paid a marketing firm to flood youTube with ads under the user name 'Better Value Bureau. Wendy's spokesman Denny Lynch said the point of the videos "is to reach younger consumers, and do it in a way that provides entertainment values and humor."… » 10/27/06 3:13pm 10/27/06 3:13pm

Jason and Jeff Are Jerks

I was cruising youTube looking for clips of Jason Calacanis' keynote speech today at the Blog Business Summit. Some of the blogs covering the talk had mentioned Jason was filmed and hoped it would be posted online in the near future. I didn't find JC at the BBS, I found something much better, 1938 Media going off » 10/26/06 10:43pm 10/26/06 10:43pm

Jason Calacanis Gives Talk, Pats Back, Saves Children in One Post

Flack blog Pro PR and a host of other blogs cover Jason 'J.C.' Calacanis' keynote speech at the Blog Business Summit in Seattle Washington. In the talk, Jason discusses what it takes to become a famous blogger: » 10/26/06 10:23pm 10/26/06 10:23pm

ZeFrank Strikes Back!

Let's recap, ZeFrank posted on October 24th a hilarious video berating Rocketboom's stated audience numbers. The Baron responded later in the day explaining how those audience numbers are derived, with a 3rd party verifying said numbers and ending with a snide remark about ZeFrank being Web1.0 (gasp!). » 10/26/06 9:15pm 10/26/06 9:15pm

Adobe InDenial

My regular day job is graphic design (if you guessed editor, you were wrong), currently I'm freelancing at a company in downtown San Francisco for the time being. The marketing firm is stocked with the newish Intel-powered iMacs, and being a designer those iMacs are mostly running the Adobe CS2 suite; Illustrator,… » 10/26/06 8:37pm 10/26/06 8:37pm

Google Motto: "Don't Be Evil, Now "Don't Be Stealing"

BBC News reports on Google being called before British Parliament to discuss online its policy on online copyrights in leiu of the still pending acquisition of youTube. Google Europe vice-president Nikesh Arora told MPs his company would not tolerate copyright violations. » 10/26/06 7:29pm 10/26/06 7:29pm

Dell 'Ad' Designed to Infect OpenWorld Attendees

Gizmodo picked up Valleywag's posting of the mind-boggling Dell ad filed early yesterday. Gizmodo's headline and the question on everyone's mind is, "Who is This Dell 'Viral' Ad For?", today a Dell employee, JohnP, left a comment on Gizmodo's writeup.
» 10/26/06 6:23pm 10/26/06 6:23pm

Who Watches the Battelle Watchers?

Steve Baldwin of DisObey chronicles ghost sites, or as I like to call it abandonweb, told Valleywag that John Battelle fansite, Battelle Watch, hasn't been updated since late September 2006. The lack of recent content can not be due to any lack of newsworthy shenanigans (that's right, shenanigans, yes I went there) on… » 10/26/06 5:50pm 10/26/06 5:50pm

Google Has Acquired a Beer Gut

Google flack PR officer Steve Kerns sent us an email announcing Google has bought Thursday, well Thursty {sic} Thursday (TT). This of course is now in competition with Kevin Burton's meat market meetup, Bubble Thursdays.
» 10/26/06 5:37pm 10/26/06 5:37pm